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Ticks can carry pathogens, some of which are harmful to humans and our pets. The most common is Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme Disease, which is transmitted from the tick to the host by a tick bite. However, Lyme Disease is often misdiagnosed. After a tick bite, infection will not show up in blood tests for up to 6 weeks. Testing a tick provides quick and accurate results on whether the tick in question puts you at risk for infection. If the tick tests negative for Borrelia burgdorferi, then you know this tick cannot cause infection. If the tick tests positive, then this tick is capable of transmitting Lyme bacteria.

Currently, TickTest offers testing for Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme Disease. This bacteria is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected ticks. 

All tests will come with a detailed results report.

All results are delivered via email within 7 days after receipt of tick.


Includes testing for Borrelia burgdorferi 

Please contact us if you would like your tick tested for other pathogens. You will receive a quote via email.

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Important to know:

Immuno Technologies, Inc. is not a clinical diagnostic laboratory and does not offer medical advice. The purpose of these tests are to provide the client with knowledge about potential exposure to disease causing pathogens present in ticks. Results from these tests do not determine whether transmission of the pathogen from tick to host has occurred. Tick testing does not determine disease in humans or animals. The results state whether the tick submitted for testing carries the disease causing pathogen, and should not be used to draw medical conclusions. Please seek medical advice from a practicing physician for information regarding symptoms and treatment if you suspect you may have contracted a tick borne disease.

  The results from tick testing are useful for research purposes regarding location, frequency, and timing of the associated diseases. A Positive result means that the tick submitted was positive for the pathogen tested. A Negative result means that the tick submitted was negative for the pathogen tested; it does not mean that other untested ticks in the area or untested ticks feeding on the same host are negative. Immuno Technologies, Inc. protects the identity of the client, and ensures all client information will remain confidential. Client information is used only for communicating results and payment methods. However, results from the test will be used for research purposes. By sending us your tick, you are allowing Immuno Technologies, Inc. to use the results from your tests for data collection for research purposes.